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Addiction Treatment Options in Scotland – 12 Step Recovery Blog

Addiction Treatment Options in Scotland – 12 Step Recovery Blog


Nestled in the countryside about thirty minutes away from Glasgow’s city centre, is a place for hope, a place for a new beginning, a place for healing. This remarkable alcohol rehab in Scotland is the Abbeycare Specialist Addictions Recovery Clinic, located in the beautiful and historical Murdostoun Castle. Dating back to the 15th century, this castle rehabilitation clinic is an incredible place to start a new life, one free from alcoholism and addiction. You can find more information about the recovery program here: Alcohol Rehab in Scotland

While there may be several addiction treatment options in Scotland, in my opinion, none can quite compare to this beautiful setting for beginning a healing journey. Often, alcohol rehabs can have a cold, institutional feeling, where the guest can feel “out of place” and they are never fully comfortable. This can hinder the recovery process and can distract from achieving their goals. Luckily, for those who are exploring their treatment options in Scotland, and looking for alcohol rehab programs, the Abbeycare Specialist Addictions Recovery Clinic stands apart.

In its private and discreet location, residents can begin their recovery journey utilizing one of the best programs for alcoholism treatment in Scotland. The program integrates critical aspects of a comprehensive alcohol rehab program and has a holistic philosophy. Guests can utilize holistic and scientifically proven therapeutic approaches to recovery that include rational emotive behavioural techniques (REBT), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), educational group work, motivational person centered interviewing, the 12 step model, and relapse prevention.

Each resident has their own space, and their own room, which is a wonderful aspect that can help residents with meditation, prayer, and reflection. Every resident has their own bathroom and shower, and rooms look out to the pristine and gorgeous landscape and grounds. Having a peaceful setting for alcohol rehab is often one of the key factors that help guests focus on making the life-giving changes in their lives and helps them focus on healing.

The picture-esque location, the incorporation of successful therapeutic modalities, and the warm, understanding and thoughtful staff work in concert to help residents put their addictions behind them in this truly unique and incredible program.

While each recovery program and clinic has their own approach, the Abbycare Specialist Addictions Recovery Clinic in Scotland stands out as a place for alcohol rehab and a place for healing. It is truly one of a kind; a place for hope and new beginnings.


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