Home Podcast Ep 1: Odomtology Definition and Meaning – Why do some people need AA and others don’t? – Still sober taking sleeping pills?

Ep 1: Odomtology Definition and Meaning – Why do some people need AA and others don’t? – Still sober taking sleeping pills?


Welcome to the Odomtology 12 Step Podcast! Odomtology 12 Step Recovery Media has earned a large following by providing only the best recovery material, and now it’s available in podcast form. Odomtology lets hope and healing shine through by making great recovery material available for alcoholics and addicts. When we first launched, the internet was a different place. Now, to keep up with the changing times, we’re offering material as a convenient podcast, so be sure to subscribe to always receive the latest episodes!

We are honored and blessed to bring you our podcast! In this first episode, we discuss what the name “Odomtology” means and how it came about. It is a question we get quite frequently, so we address it and put it out there for everyone in the podcast! Next, we have some really great recovery material in our “Hope and Healing Feature.” One of the things we are trying to do with the podcast is to have a place and a forum for questions people may have involving recovery. Bob tells his story and what differentiates an alcoholic from a “hard drinker.” For the longest time, I would see people that were able to put down the drink or drugs with ease and would wonder why I could not do that. I came to realize that alcohol (and drugs) had a different effect on me than on my peers. This podcast really explains it in an easy-to-understand way.

Next, on our “Recovery Today” segment, we talk about the often controversial topic of medication in sobriety. We deal with the subject of someone telling another person they are not sober because they take certain medications.  It is so important to remember that the only person that can tell you that you are not sober, is yourself, or a qualified medical professional. The twelve step groups often get in to trouble when they venture down these lines, and people start giving advice and guidance they are not qualified to do. Anyways, if you’ve ever had a question about this topic, our “Recovery Today” segment covers this.

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  1. Excellent. I’m so glad the find this side which has help me and look forward to listen this every day or any time during the day. Thanks very much


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