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Ep 2: Dr. Bob’s tattoo – Angie’s Redemption – Forgiving a Murderer – 12 Step Myths


In today’s episode we have some really awesome content! First off, we begin the show by discussing a little know fact that Dr. Bob had a tattoo that would today be considered to be a “full sleeve,” and we ask the audience for help in trying to find out the motivation and reasoning behind the ink. Next we have an amazing, powerful story of a strong african-american woman in recovery named Angie. She tells her story in such an inspiring way and details her trials and tribulations in getting clean and sober. This is one of the best stories we have in our archives and is absolutely recovery gold!

We also highlight the story of Ed, who was shown acceptance and love from a 12-Step program when he was absolutely down and out. He did not care about his hygiene and was a complete wreck, yet he found the acceptance of the twelve step program a catalyst to begin his healing. He also details the story of how he was able to forgive the person who murdered his father. Yes, you read that right. It is such a moving story of redemption and forgiveness.

In our “Recovery Today” segment, common twelve step myths are discussed. For example, some people say that you need to be religious to be in AA, and some people will call it a cult or some other derogatory term. We take on all these myths directly and bring light to the situations. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, we feel that we are able to bring truth to some of these common myths and point to an accurate depiction of what twelve steps programs are, and what they are not.

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