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Kenny D. – AA Speaker – “Spiritual Awakening with the 12 Steps” – Incredible Workshop!


We are proud to bring you one of the most enlightening and spiritual talks we have in our library! Listening to Kenny is such a wonderful experience. He comes from an amazing lineage of sponsorship. Another great aspect of his talks is that he knows and is aware of the principle of singleness of purpose, yet still is very open and honest about his struggles with opiate addiction. This workshop has a bit for everyone and is definitely something that will take your program to another level. If you are interested about spiritually growing, or if you are feeling stuck, this one is going to give you the jump-start you need. Listening to Kenny is such an honor and a blessing and I hope you get as much from this as I have!

Another cool thing that Kenny does in this workshop is that he allows time for meditation and reflection. Too often we can get caught up in all the noise in the outside world that we fail to turn within and think about the things that really matter. This is a great listen for re-calibrating and re-charging your batteries. In my opinion, this is one of the most profound workshops I have ever listened to (and I do not throw that around lightly).

Odomtology’s Note: Honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness are critical aspects of the recovery process. For many in recovery, these things can be difficult at times to muster. One of the most important tools that I found in my spiritual toolbox was to listen to workshops and speaker tapes when I needed a little bit of extra encouragement. Whether it was in the car, or on my headphones while cleaning the house, the wisdom and recovery gold that was passed down through the recorded word helped my recovery immensely. Often times at meetings, especially topic meetings, it can be hard to really “get in there” and get down to the nitty-gritty of working the steps. This is why workshops like this have had such a profound effect on my life. We live in an age of information, where someone can get on a computer and listen to life-saving information any time they want. AA speakers and their experience, strength, and hope have saved untold number of lives and they have helped carry the message all across the world.


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