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Shaun O. – AA Speaker – On FIRE for recovery!


Shaun is a great speaker! With a sobriety date in May 2017, he shares how quickly the steps and the program can manifest in powerful life changes. With a wonderful story full of depth and weight, he tells of how his alcoholism led him to a dark place and how the recovery process can make profound changes. This story is particularly impactful for newcomers and those who aren’t sure if they are right for the program or if they can make it.

This is a story SO many people can relate to. One of the most important aspects of the story is how he came to realize the first step and the powerlessness behind alcoholism and addiction. From sleeping behind a gas station to experiencing the Promises, Shaun shows how transformative the program can be!

This is a GREAT listen!!

Shaun was helped by the Progress House, if you are interested the link to the website is below:


One day at a time!


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