Home Recovery Blog Step 1- Tornado Exercise by Peter M.
Step 1- Tornado Exercise by Peter M.

Step 1- Tornado Exercise by Peter M.


Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you have untreated alcoholism…

  1. Have you worked all 12 steps of AA completely since coming into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous?
  2. Can you say “yes‟ to all of the next twelve statements? Have you:
  3. Admitted powerlessness over alcohol?
  4. Admitted unmanageability in your life?
  5. Come to believe in the power of God?
  6. Given your will and life over to God?
  7. Written 3 inventories (resentment, fear, and harms done to others – sex emphasized?
  8. Written a sex ideal?
  9. Shared it all?
  10. Asked God to remove your defects?
  11. Finished all amends that you know of accepting responsibility, paid all money back, changed your behavior – especially at home, completed what was asked to make your relationships right?
  12. Do you have a daily prayer life?
  13. Do you have a daily meditation life?
  14. Been in the trenches – actually 12 stepping drunks, volunteering and doing service work? If no, why not?
  15. Have you continued to do all 12 steps in some part of your daily life, on at least an annual basis? I not, which steps have you been skimping on?
  16. Have you been having trouble with personal relationships ( family, friends, co-workers) If so, whom?
  17. What seems to be the problem you are having with people in your relationships?
  18. Who do resent….. why? (i.e. is that because THEY are not doing what you want and you are not getting YOUR way?
  19. Is there anyone you refuse to forgive? If so, who is it and what did they do to you?
  20. Are you full of fear in relationships? Is your whole life shot through with fears? What are your fears?
  21. How successful are you at managing your sober life today? Have you been careless with the program (not doing what you know you should be doing?) What specifically haven‟t you been doing?
  22. Are able to control your emotional nature? Are you quick to criticize with a biting or sarcastic tongue… If so why”
  23. Do you fly off the handle easily (using a raised voice when arguing – yelling and screaming?) With whom specifically (family, spouse, children, co-workers?)
  24. Are you impatient with others? Are you impatient in certain situations? If so, where specifically are you most impatient?
  25. Do you exhibit “road rage‟? If so, do you think that is sane, emotionally sober behavior? What fears trigger this behavior in you?
  26. Can you be alone with yourself in quiet? (1 or more than 1 hour with NO reading, music, TV, radio, phone etc.?) If not, why not?
  27. Would other describe you as having a short temper, being argumentative or hard to get along with? Would others describe you as “emotionally volatile‟ or “passionate”? Would you describe yourself as a controlling person? Would others describe you as a “control freak‟? If so list would describe you this way (boss, co-workers, members of the fellowship, family, spouse, children) and which description would they apply to you?
  28. Do you want to become a better person? Do you want to do it for yourself or to become a more effective instrument for God? Can you be grateful for someone pointing out your weaknesses and opening your eyes to them? What if the person pointing them out were your enemy?
  29. Do you face criticism with calmness and peace inside because you know it can lead to growth? If not, what are you afraid of?
  30. Do you feel you have to “win” while getting your point across in discussions or fights? Is so, why (could it be ego driven?), what are you afraid of when you are trying to “win”?
  31. Would your family say you are controlling when it comes to money? Are you cheap in all areas even regarding things you want? Do you tithe with money or with your time (other than AA work?)
  32. In looking back over your life what memories still cause you pain, guilty, or a “dirty‟ feeling?
  33. Do you loathe (hate, abhor, despise or detest) something about yourself? If so what?
  34. What defects of character do you think are preventing you from being at peace?
  35. Today in what ways do you feel inadequate as a person?
  36. Have you been unhappy lately, do you sulk in silent scorn? If so; where? – At home, fellowship, intimate relationships, at work, with friends, etc.?
  37. Have you recently been prey to misery or depression? Do you whine and complain? Are you a martyr; if so, in what areas of your life, and about what?
  38. In what areas of your life are you still playing the role of “victim‟ and why?
  39. Have you had a feeling of uselessness lately?
  40. What are your goals in doing the exercise?
  41. What are the goals for the future, as you see them today?


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