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Jerry J. – AA Speaker – How to find freedom and happiness in recovery


I knew something I had never known before. I knew that I was going to drink that day unless I got some help from somebody. I called Alcoholics Anonymous. I called central office and a lady picked up the phone. I told her that I was a big time lawyer and that I was having a little problem with drinking; I needed to know what to do. She said, “Well you need to go to a meeting every day.” I said, “That’s obviously impossible. I’m very busy. I couldn’t possibly go every day to anything.” She said, “Well what do you at night? What have you been doing in the evening?” I said, “Well, I’ve been drinking.” Then she said, “We’re going to stop that, so you’re going to have a lot of free time aren’t you?” I did not have any answers for that!

So I went to this little group by my house and, they were nice people, but they had so much sobriety. I mean, I’m hanging on here and their babies got a year and a half and then the next guy’s got five and then they get serious about with people who have fifteen, twenty and twenty-five years. Then one night, a guy came in to the meeting. He had been hanging out there for quite a long time and he would not do a fourth step. Finally, he had done one and when he came in after doing the forth step he seemed like he knew more about alcoholics and Alcoholics Anonymous than anyone I have ever heard in my life. So I decided to follow him.

He said, “We are going to have to change the way we think and react to life. We’re going to have you get in the middle of Alcoholics Anonymous. You and I are going to go to meetings every night, we are going to have to sponsor people too. We are going to have to work the steps, and we are going to make coffee for whatever good that does.” He said, “Well, I heard a little bit about a place way out north which is a good thing because I don’t know anybody lives out there. Will you meet me there tomorrow night?” I said would give it serious consideration because I just couldn’t go out there and make a commitment to be there. I needed to look the place over. So I cased it just like I was going to rob it. I drove down the street in front of it, the building was right by a 7-Eleven store and the first time I drove by I was going about sixty miles an hour. I just glanced at it, you know, I did not did not want to appear overly interested in. I eventually made a U-turn and came back down. This time I pulled into the 7-Eleven. I looked up the second story to see if they had surveillance cameras or anything like that up there. They didn’t. Nobody was standing at the window. I went inside got me a Slurpee or whatever else I could think of, and walk back out check the cameras again there was nobody up there.

I parked in the alley, went up the fire escape, and go to Alcoholics Anonymous. That’s the way you got me. I walked in and that is when I began to experience the miracle of Alcoholics Anonymous. The program is about attraction rather than persuasion. So went in and I told them about what I just did and told them my story with drinking. They laughed with me. They put their arms around me and told me that it was alright to be myself that they were glad to see me being who I was without pretense, without a facade of any kind.


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