Home Alcoholics Anonymous Karl M., Clancy I., Peter M., Katie P. – AA Speakers – One of the BEST AA Workshops ever recorded!

Karl M., Clancy I., Peter M., Katie P. – AA Speakers – One of the BEST AA Workshops ever recorded!


This is a top notch lineup that includes many of the best AA speakers out there! This is an inspirational and powerful workshop and is sure to keep your attention for all eleven hours. Listed below are all the speakers in the order they appear. One of the cool things about this one is that each speaker takes a “step” or topic and shares about their experience with it. It is an awesome workshop and is sure to elevate anyone’s recovery to the next level. Feel free to write a comment, and do not forget to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Blessings to all and enjoy the lineup!

  • Step 1 – Karl M.
  • Step 2 – Mike L.
  • Step 3 – Peter M.
  • Step 4 and 5 – Katie P.
  • Step 6 and 7 – Bob B.
  • Step 8 and 9 – Gary B.
  • Step 10 – Ralph W.
  • Step 11 – Steve L.
  • Main Speaker – Clancy I.
  • Step 12 and closing – Chris S.

Starting off, Karl is a brilliant and engaging storyteller. He talks about his navy days and how he ended up in Alcoholics Anonymous. He has plenty of funny stories and shares a powerful message. On the east coast, Peter M. also has a great story to tell. Being from New Jersey, he delivers the message in an honest and straight forward way. Katie P. from Texas is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Her southern charm and warmth are a wonderful conduit for the message to be carried. Ralph W., an African-american from California shares his perspective as well and is sure to wrap you in to his story by his incredible delivery. Clancy I. is a living legend and has helped thousands upon thousands of people in his life. Chris S. from New Jersey, is a favorite speaker of many and he also has an incredible way of conveying the message of the twelve steps!

One of the best things about these speakers sharing is that their experiences are able to be shared more openly than in a meeting. It depends on where the meeting is located, and what the group’s rules are, but most people only get to speak for five minutes or so at an AA meeting. With a workshop such as this, the people sharing are able to go in to way more detail and relay more powerful stories about their recovery. Another aspect of this workshop, is that each speaker has a unique flair and something they are uniquely qualified to share about. Workshops like this one have it all, and have played a large part in many people’s recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or alcoholism and is maybe a little bit intimidated by going to an AA meeting, or they are apprehensive about the steps, this is a great talk for them to listen to. I know for many people, the steps can be overwhelming and difficult to grasp at first, that is why a workshop like this is so important. These topics are broken down in a way that makes it easy for the newcomer to understand. But this definitely is not only for the newcomer; for those who have worked the steps, hearing these shares is sure to enhance recovery and inspire those who have been sober for several years or even decades.

Going to open AA speaker meetings is a very underrated tool in the spiritual tool box of recovery. Hearing someone’s story and thinking to yourself, “I know what thats like. I drank like that, I felt like that, and I have hope this can work for me too.” This is an experience you must not miss!


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