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Treating Addiction Through Resolving Past Trauma


When someone is looking for the best fit in a treatment centre, it is very important to find one that has a holistic approach that encompasses every aspect of substance abuse disorder. Often, this can include addressing past trauma in a safe, open, and healing way. Recovery Direct is one of South Africa’s premium addiction treatment centres and does just this. The centre focuses on the resolution of past traumas that patients may have experienced in their childhoods or traumatic life events that have become the catalyst to their substance use disorders.

Recovery Direct believes that sub trauma is usually the precursor to addiction and that addiction to a substance is a behavioral symptom to a emotional disparity that can be healed. The centre focuses almost entirely on identifying emotional triggers in each patient, and then working with them in a dedicated capacity to build tools that will enable them to face their lives outside of the facility.

The programme at Recovery Direct has become extremely desirable and has achieved one of the highest success rates in the local industry, sitting at over 90% thus-far. This can only be attributed to the professionals that operate with their commitment patient care being first and foremost in their minds.

While Recovery Direct is not a 12 step rehab centre, there is still an open door policy “to the rooms.” We are happy and inclusive of the free programme and ensure that patients that want to attend the meetings are freely able to do so. We see our role as facilitators to recovery more on the individual, psychological help level. The founders of Recovery Direct were prominent figures in the 12 step community, and well received worldwide. This approach to healing trauma in the context of substance abuse is well established, but still on the cutting edge of addiction treatment modalities.

If you are interested in learning more about healing from trauma, we have a video series here that we launched as the start of our recovery community initiative:

Free community service sponsored by Recovery Direct

The Video Series

The news blog

Recovery Direct Facebook

This is the full centre overview

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  1. Thank you this is great post I have been looking at that Recovery Direct site and there is a wealth of knowledge there. I have recently too been speaking to a therapist about complex trauma and PTSD and it has been a revealing experience and i finally feel like I am making leaps and bounds on my recovery progress. Thanks for sharing this.


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