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Jose P. and the “Stranger” – Incredible and Unbelievable story!


In this episode, we have one of our most popular and inspirational tapes in our archives. It is from an NA speaker named Jose P. If you do not have about thirty five to forty minutes of time available, it is probably best that you find another one of our awesome speakers, because this tape you will want to listen through until the end. It is one of the most amazing stories we have ever heard, and I promise, at some point your jaw is going to drop. This is inspirational, emotional, and powerful!

In our “Recovery Today” segment, we talk about whether it is necessary to make recovery your entire life when you get clean and sober, or if there is a way to have a good balance in life and still very active in recovery. Many people early in recovery can be overwhelmed and feel that their entire life will have to consist of going to meetings and participating in recovery events in order to be successful. We delve in to this subject and provide insight in to this common concern for those in the beginning stages of the recovery process.

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