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Chris R. – AA Speaker – AA Slogans: Do they help or hurt?


This is a powerful and emotional share by one of the best AA speakers, Chris R. from Texas. He has a passion for Alcoholics Anonymous and a wonderful story that is sure to get anyone fired up and motivated!

Pulling them with a vision of hope

I did not spend twelve hours in the airport yesterday so I could come up here and share a stupid war story with you. I’m going to tell you something. I ate out of dumpsters in Houston, Texas. I’ve done some stuff on the street that I wouldn’t talk about in mixed company. I’ve done some crazy stupid things, but I’m not up here to talk to you about that. I’m up here to talk to you about my life today in sobriety and how absolutely is cool it is to wake up and have that obsession to drink gone. We need to have more AA members pulling people in with a vision of hope instead of trying to scare some more in to these rooms. We would have amazing success rates then. We have had them before. Let me tell you what the differences were back then. Let me tell you what Bill Wilson did as he came into his kitchen that day. Him and Ebby talked a little bit and they shared war stories. This bolstered confidence because Bill was able to remember Ebby drinking just as much as he did.

This convinces Bill to take action, and after Bill gets sober, he goes to Dr. Bob’s house. When he first gets there, him and Dr. Bob share a few drinking stories. They sit down and start talking about it and Bob understands that Bill really understands what he’s talking about. Then he sets the hook. He tells him about God and the steps with us. Dr. Bob understands, takes action himself, and they do the deal and got a twelve step call for Bill D., AA number three. See here is the thing. I have some nasty stories I could tell her about the dumpster, but that does not help the businesswoman. However, I could share some of my business stories with her and how I showed up at work loaded. She could identify with that. It’s okay to tell those dumpster stores from the podium, but where you are trying to reach someone in a meeting or twelve step call, that is when you can bring them in with a vision of hope.

You can talk about how you know what it is like. You can say, “Let me talk to you about this feeling of emptiness, the boredom, the depression, the anxiety and the gut wrenching fear that we lived with on a daily basis. That is something the businesswoman can relate to. I don’t have to brag to her about any stupid war stories. I can set the hook and tell her exactly what she needs to do to come out the other side smelling like a rose. It’s called work the twelve steps, not any way you want it, exactly the way the book outlined. Is she going to do it exactly the way I did it? No. She’ll put her own twist on it. GUYS, I’M DOWN WITH THAT! But as a result of working the steps she will get this absolute guaranteed spiritual experience. We’ve got too many people in this fellowship that have never had a spiritual experience, talking like gurus from the podium. We got way too many people in meetings sharing their opinions with the newcomer. We don’t have enough people stand up and talk about what needs to be talked about, which is truth. The steps as outlined in the Big Book of AA.


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